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Most people use spices to add great flavour to their food, not knowing the many health benefits they have.

Everything has its purpose, its advantages and disadvantages. So we are about to learn so much about spices and herbs and how they aid nutrition and health.

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  • Gary and Layota

    Gary and Layota started the site. Their love of herbs is evident in every page they wrote!

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    In July Deb Mason took over the care of Healthy-Herbs-and-Spices.com!

What to expect while surfing the pages on this site...

If you are looking for more information about the uses of herbs and spices - this is the site for you. You will find information on the medicinal uses of many common herbs and spices along with the health benefits of each, along with suggestions for use to add flavour to your favourite foods.

  • Herbs

    Herbs also add great flavour to our food and interestingly, there is a herb that can heal almost every disease. These days, people just don't know what they are!

  • Spices

    One of the main reasons people think that spicy food is bad for us is the type of foods we use it on and the quantity we use. Like everything else, too much of one thing is not good for us.

  • Recipes

    Often we have such busy days, it is difficult to fix ourselves a balanced meal. We can use herbs and spices to prepare quick delicious meals that satisfy the need for balance and taste.

Getting Started with Herbs & Spices

Adding More Flavour to Your Health with Spices and Herbs

Herbs and spices have played an important role in many ancient civilisations and although much of the ancient lore around herbs and spices have been lost over time, what knowledge we do retain suggests medicinal purposes for many common herbs and spices.

Distinguishing between herbs and spices is pretty easy. A spice tends to be a dried seed, fruit, root or vegetative substance while herbs are leafy green plants. Even though there are herbs with different colours, you may find majority of herbs green in colour.