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This website was created by a lovely family in living in Jamaica. Gary and Layota started the site in 2011 and their love of herbs and cooking is evident in every page they wrote for the site.

edwards2Layota expressed her love of cooking with spices on the site and truly believes that they not only bring out the best taste in our foods but offer significant health benefits to our bodies.

Creating this site offered the opportunity for Layota to work from home on a project that she loved while spending more time with her child.

And she worked hard.

Over an eighteen month period she built the site, her traffic increased and many, many, people across the globe read her pages and benefitted from her knowledge of herbs and spices.

But things change in life.

And sometimes the circumstances in which we find ourselves at times can change our priorites in life. So mid way through 2013, although this site was a labour of love for Latoya and her family, she made the decision to let the site go.

Rather than just let it die, she sought out another webmaster who would love working on her site and keep it going.

Under New Management!

So, here we are. It is July 2013 and Healthy-Herbs-and-Spices.com is under new management!

My name is Deb Mason and I live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia.

I am an Accountant by day and work for a government department in the health sector but my real loves include my family (three grown children and two beautiful grand-daughters all living here in Adelaide) and the creative things I do in my spare time.

My current activities include:

  • Building websites
  • Designing and making my own quilts
  • Creating Embroidery Designs
  • Knitting and creating my own patterns
  • Playing with new (creative) software on my laptop
  • Encouraging and supporting my kids to reach their dreams

And when I can, I combine two or more of my loves into one activity!

My Other Sites

I own several other sites and spend a considerable amount of my spare time working on one or another of them.

Knitting Naturally

This was my first serious attempt at building a web business. I started the site in 2008 and selected a topic for the site that was one I was very familiar with.

Being a complete novice at this website building stuff, the choice of topic was incredibly important. The learning curve was huge while I was building this site and if I hadn't been able to just sit down at the computer and write the pages from my own knowledge of the topic, I would have really struggled.

Knitting Naturally has changed over the years and now incorporates an online store. At one stage I also had an offline store selling wool and knitting accessories at a physical location but life sometimes gets in the way of our plans.

In 2010 I had to deal with a family crisis in another state and had to close the physical store. Although I loved the face to face contact with customers, I have to admit an online store is much easier to manage when you are constantly travelling around the country!

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