Cardamom - One of the Healthiest Spices

Cardamom, which is a native to India and Bhutan, is a very strong, intense and aromatic spice with a eucalyptine and lemony flavour. This spice is a very old spice and is dated back to 1500 BC where ancient Egyptians used it in their ritual practices.


It was widely used then as medicine amongst other purposes which includes freshening the breath and cleaning the teeth by chewing on the pods. It is so amazing how far we've come!

This versatile spice comes from the dried fruit of the herbaceous perennial plant. It is most commonly used in Indian recipes and is one of the main ingredient in garam masala (a mixture of ground spices mostly used in Indian recipes) It also has quite a few medicinal benefits which will be outlined below.

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There are also different types of cardamom. The green variety which has a cool taste and is known as the 'queen of spices'. Most people normally like the flavour of the green more than the others. But then everyone's taste is different and it all depends on the dish you are preparing too.

It is used in more milder dishes whereas the black variety has a stronger flavour and is more often used in dishes like meat, vegetables and rice. Then there is the white variety which is less popular, and is used mostly in pastries and baked goods.

  • The black variety with its stronger flavour is used in more robust African dishes like meats and stews.
  • Both the black and the green variety is used in sweet and also spicy foods.
  • Both the green and black is popularly used in Indian recipes, more commonly curries and rice dishes.
  • It is used as a flavouring in tea and coffee.

Health Benefits of Cardamom

  • This spice is used with other ingredients in medicines as a flavouring.
  • It is very helpful for premature ejaculation and is also used as a sex stimulant by using the seeds to make a beverage. The seeds boiled and sweetened with honey is also very useful to treat impotence. But be very careful as too much will even cause the situation to get worse.
  • The seeds, when chewed is very useful for the cure of bad breath because of its warm eucalyptine and lemony flavour.
  • A very effective remedy for indigestion. The tea can be used and the seeds mixed with cloves, ginger and coriander is also very effective.

I hope this information will be of some benefit to you our valued readers. Also, check our list of spices page for information on other spices.

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