Fish Oil Benefits

Your fish oil benefits can be greatly increased by consuming more fish oil supplements, which are dietary supplements that contain oil from the flesh of cold water fish such as sardines, salmon and lake trout, mackerel, black cod, albacore tuna and herring.


Most of the fish oil benefits can be attributed to the presence of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which are scientifically known as Dosocahexaenic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The benefits of consuming fish oil supplements are as follows:


If you have any of these skin problems, eczema, itching, psoriasis, rashes, skin lesions or redness of skin, you could try fish oil. Regular consumption of fish oil helps reduce loss of moisture from the skin. The fatty acid EPA is proven to protect our skin from UVA sun damage that causes permanent skin damage, lines and wrinkles. Basically, fish oil simply makes your skin look healthier and better, and am sure that's what we all want, RIGHT?

ADHD - (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Fish oil benefits are proven to remedy ADHD. Some of these disorders include dyslexia, emotional instability, short attention span, poor coordination, hyperactivity, wavering attitude dyspraxia and short term memory. Dr. Barry Sears believes that omega-3 fatty acids in the blood can have a significant positive impact in the treatment of ADHD.

Alzheimers Disease

It was discovered that person's who get more DHA, one of the fatty acids found in fish oil, have a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease. The omega 3 in fish oil also improves memory and learning.


Blood Circulation

Blood circulation begins with the heart. Consuming omega 3 fish oil helps keep the heart pumping steadily, thus improving your blood circulation.

Depression and Anxiety

Scientist, while researching fish oil benefits, noticed that fish oil supplements improve your mood. There were however conflicting results because some scientists looked at omega 3 as a standalone therapy for help with depression. Other tests where it was used in combination with anti-depressants proved more successful. But stronger evidence came from supplements rich in both EPA & DHA. These acids are involved in the function of some brain chemicals linked to depression.

Eye Sight and Vision Enhancement

Did you know that the levels of the essential fatty acid DHA in the brian decline with age? Well, yes, so it is more than likely it will also be reduced in the retina wherein the rods and cones in it are very rich in DHA. So, the more frequent consumption of fish oil supplements will improve the eyesight in older persons.


Among the list of fish oil benefits, fish oil supplements play a vital role in fertility. The main cause of infertility in women is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Even after these women get pregnant, its a higher chance they will have a miscarriage. According to Dr. Barry Sears, one of the main reason is the imbalance of Eicosanoids and this can be treated by increasing fish oil which has the two essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

It has been proven that women with PCOS who consume more omega-3 fatty acids carry their babies for longer periods of time and lower the risk of premature births. There are so many ways to treat infertility nowadays which has proven to work. The average amount of women who have infertility problems are decreasing drastically.

Hair Care

Fish oil prevents hair loss because omega-3 has hair growing properties that provides nourishment to the follicles. A good supply of protein in the diet also promotes hair growth, and since fish has a high level of protein, it is great for hair growth as well.

Heart Disease

The American Heart Association (AHA) is recommending dietary intake of omega-3 for persons with and without heart disease. The omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA helps protect against cardiovascular disease. Clinical test have proven that individuals who survived a heart attack shows that omega-3 decreases the risk of a second heart attack by 27%.

Fish oil consumption prevents blockages of the heart's arteries, prevents abnormal heart rythms and also reduces death after a heart attack. Clinical tests also proves that omega-3 plays an important role in decreasing high triglycerides, (this is a type of fat that can lead to arterial damage), which is now recognized as a risk factor for heart disease.

Prevention of Schizophrenia

A recent study conducted by Dr. Patrick McGorry in Australia showed a statistical significant correlation between fish oil and the prevention of schizophrenia. Young people who showed early signs of the disease and are not treated, about one-third will develop the disease. It was tested and proven that only three percent out of all those persons who consumed fish oil will develop it.


Fish oil supplements are extremely beneficial in a pregnant women's diet. The DHA and EPA fatty acids found in omega-3 are extremely beneficial for the woman's heath and the development of her baby. Some benefits that can be obtained for baby includes:

  • Better eyesight for the retina formation
  • Good nervous system development
  • A better brain development
  • Fewer behavioral problems after birth

Some fish oil benefits for mom include:

  • Lesser chance of pre-term labour or cesarean
  • A lower risk of postpartum depression
  • Reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • Lessen the chance of developing pre-eclampsia

It is also recommended to pregnant mothers to consume omega 3 supplements with both DHA and EPA fatty acids to get the best results.


One of the most important on the list of fish oil benefits; fish oil has anti inflammatory properties. Researchers have found that it can decrease inflammation in the body caused by arthritis and a number of other diseases including lupus, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBD) which can be Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis, and spruce. Doctors suggest that two to four grams of fish oil a day can relieve the pain associated with inflammation.

Weight Loss

Scientists in Australia discovered that adding fish oil supplements to your diet along with exercise significantly decrease your weight as opposed to just dieting and exercise. One of the benefits of fish oil for weight loss is that it has the ability to prevent pre-fat cells from converting to fat cells causing them to die.

Fish oil benefits can be increased by choosing a fish oil which validates the following :

  • Purity: the fish oil must be free from contaminants
  • Freshness: should have low oxidation levels
  • Bio-availability: should be in a natural form
  • High DHA Content: this is the most important 'known' component of fish oil

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