Growing Herbs Indoors

Thinking about growing herbs indoors?

One way to start growing herbs is to create a small indoor garden. Whether you are interesting in using herbs for coooking or for medicinal purposes, you can plant your seeds or seedlings in a planter and have a successful garden inside your home.

indoor herbs

You can get everything you need to get started at your local garden store!

Growing Conditions

Ideally the position for your indoor herb garden will enable your plants to be in direct sunlight for at least a portion of each day. Although you can grow herbal in artifical light, your plants will be healthier and grow better if they can bathe in natural sunlight.

Some plants also like humidity, something most of us attempt to eliminate from our homes (particularly in hot and humid climates). To increase the humidity for your plants without increasing the humidity in your home you can add a layer of stones at the bottom of your pot below the soil. This will create humidity for the plant as water at the base of the pot evaporates.

You will also have to water your plants regularly and provide adequate drainage so that while on one hand, your plant does not dry out and on the other hand, your plant has access to the water it needs without being saturated.

If in doubt, read the tag on your seedling pot or the back of your seed packet for the growing conditions ideal for that particular plant. Not all plants like exactly the same conditions, so if you are going to grow more than one herb in your pot, make sure that each plant in that container like the same conditions.


The amount of space you have available for growing herbs indoors will be an important factor in your choice of planting container. Buy a container that will fit the space you have and consider shape as well as size.

Make sure that your container has adequate drainage either as a separate drainage tray or a built up base that provides space below the plant for your water.

decorative planters

There is no reason why your planter cannot add to the asthetics of your home, there are a wide variety of very pretty decorative pots or planters available. But always keep in mind how many plants you intend to have in the container and how much space they will require to grow.


The soil for your herb plants is important. I would recommend a good quality organic potting mix, particularly if you are concerned about keeping your food as chemical free as possible.

With organic potting mix, the nutrients are better and there are no introduced chemicals. Your plants will grow better and will need less in the way of plant food additives.

Plant Food

Whether or not you need to use plant foods or additives when you are growing herbs indoors will depend on the plants you select for your indoor garden. Check the growing instructions included on the packaging or seed packet for details about what your particular plants will require.

As you are planting an indoor garden, liquid additives are probably the best choice as it will be more difficult to turn the soil to mix through solid ferilizer pellets. Choose one that is organic, and try not to overdo it.

Often too much care when it comes to fertilizer is not a good thing!

Herb Seeds or Seedlings

Before you race out and select your herb seeds or seedlings, take a bit of time to consider which herbs you would like to grow.

Do you want herbs to use in your cooking or are you after medicinal herbs?

Herb Seedlings

Maybe you want flowering herbs or fragrant herbs to add a bit of life to your living space.

What ever your intention for you indoor herb garden, do a bit of research before you get your purse out and select herbs that meet your needs and remember to investigate the growing conditions of each type of plant so that make decisions about which plants can be grown together in one garden.

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