How to Grow Herbs

Would you like to learn how to grow herbs of your own?

growing your own herbsOne way to ensure that the herbs you use in your cooking or consume for the health benefits are fresh, is to grow your own.

You don't need a big backyard or a green thumb to get started.

Concerned about the chemicals in your food?

Growing your own means food (in this case, herbs) that you can control at least some of your chemical intake by only using organic plant food and avoiding pesticides.

Herbs can be grown almost anywhere, in a garden plot or in small planters sitting in your kitchen window sill. You can grow your herbs on a patio or a balcony or vertically in small pots hanging along a fence or on the side of your house.

Growing your own herbs can not only be functional (and useful) but also attractive. Many of the culinary or medicinal herbs are very pretty flowering plants and many of them are quite fragrant as well.

Growing Herbs Indoors

One way to start growing herbs is to create a small indoor garden. Whether you are interesting in using herbs for coooking or for medicinal purposes, you can plant your seeds or seedlings in a planter and have a successful garden inside your home.

And you can get everything you need to get started at your local garden store!

Herb Plants and Seedlings

growing your own herbsBasically you can grow many of the commonly used herbs from seedlings that should be readily available at your local garden store.

If you wish to grow some of the less common herbs or ones that are not typically grown at your location, you might have to start with seeds.

Just make sure that you source your seeds locally.

If you happen to be travelling, please don't bring in seeds or cuttings that you have collected overseas.

Not only is it often illegal, but it could also pose a serious risk to the eco-system in your country by bringing in non-native organisms that may be hitching a ride on your seeds.

Herb Garden Kits

Not sure about starting your own herb garden from scratch?

Check out my pages on herb garden kits and you are sure to find a kit that will include everything you need to grow your own herbs. Many come with a selection of commonly used culinary herbs with everything you need to grow seedlings (from seeds) and care for your herb plants until they are ready for harvesting.

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