Natural Herbs

Natural herbs are leafy plants or flowers (most times green in colour) and can be used:

  • as medicine
  • as an antioxidant
  • for weight loss
  • as food
  • as supplements
  • as a tea

We have a wide variety of culinary herbs to choose from, some includes rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, and the list goes on.

herbs in white bowl

Man's knowledge of natural herbs used for medicinal purposes are advancing. With the many diseases plaguing our lives today, and the intolerable side effects we get from man made medicine, we are forced to look for alternative medicine, which of course are spices and herbs.

There is a great amount of herbs for diseases that we are all learning to appreciate day by day. Scientists are now studying the history of herbs more in depth and is discovering herbs which prevents the most deadly disease today, cancer, among other discoveries. There are also commercial medicines containing plant-based substances. Ephedrine, a man made medicine, is derived from a herb called ephedra and is used in commercial medicines to relieve respiratory and asthma symptoms. Ephedra has been in use for over two thousand years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat the same symptoms.

Often times our bodies need additional help other than medicine to prevent or treat certain diseases. An example is antioxidants, which are substances used to protect our cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. These free radicals are dangerous chemical compounds and toxins found in the body. Herbal antioxidants help get rid of these toxins so that we can live much healthier. Some herbal antioxidants include aloe vera, tumeric, ginko and bilburry.

circle of herbs

We not only need to be cured from diseases or prevent diseases, we also should keep our bodies in good shape by maintaining a balanced weight, which also promotes good health. The most effective method of weight loss is of course exercise. However, some people like to speed up the process and use something else along with exercising. The other most effective method is using natural herbs. This form of weight loss is considered safe and effective, you improve your health and lose weight at the same time and not hurt your body in the process. Some of the most popular herbs for weight loss are seaweed, nettle, cayenne and ginseng, and of course there is much more.

Let us also not forget about food supplements which are used to supplement our diet by providing nutrients such as minerals, vitamins or other nutrients that may be missing from our diet. Sometimes for some reason or the other, our bodies lack these nutrients. Nowadays, more supplements are been made from herbs because of the great benefit we get from the herb, which includes preventing or treating diseases.

2 glasses with juice

....And my favourite which is the herb tea, which is a combination of boiling water and the herb, flower, or fruit. The history of herbs and herb teas goes way back to as early as Ancient Egypt, which tells of how it first came about and how it was used then.

The tea is usually used to cleanse the colon, detoxify the body, calming and anxiety, for the help of a particular disease, for colds, helps regulate the blood sugar, or simple just because of the taste. Tea is the second most frequently consumed beverage worldwide, water been the first.

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