Prepare the yummiest pork dish using spices for pork

These spices for pork are recommended to bring out the best taste in your pork. Some foods are better tasting without any spices or herbs added. There are other foods that acquire a better taste when certain spices are added. Below you will see what the best spices are to use on your pork to bring out the best taste in it, and also a bit of information on these spices.

Ginger and Pimento, which are the most popular used spices for pork, they bring a very delicious and spicy taste to it. Ginger and Pimento can be used when stewing, pot roasting and preparing Jamaican jerk pork. Pimento is extensively used in Jamaican cooking and gives a distinctive Jamaican flavour. The pimento tree is indigenous to the Caribbean Islands and is known to be the only spice grown in the Western hemisphere. Ginger, which is used as a medicine or spice is mostly used on sweet foods such as cookies, breads and buns. Ginger is very popular in the Caribbean as it grows well in tropical settings. Jamaican ginger is popularly known for its strong flavour and provides most of the world's supply followed by India, China and Africa


We also have The Cumin which is a native to the East Mediterranean to India and is used today in many different cultures. Cumin is used when preparing Pork Chops or Orange Pork. The cumin is available in two forms, the whole form which is the seed or the ground form of the spice. It is the principal ingredient in curry and and is a member of the parsley family.

The Rosemary is another great spice which brings out a great taste in pork. It is used mostly when roasting pork. What better taste can you get when you add some green beans and roasted potatoes to the finished dish. Rosemary, which is a native of the Mediterranean region, is a member of the mint family. It is known as the herb of remembrance which symbolizes loyalty and friendship at weddings and funerals.

Garlic, another most commonly used on the list of spices for pork.Garlic is a very close relative to onion, has a very strong flavour and gives meat a delectable taste when it is well penetrated through it. Garlic is used on just about any pork dish, and in addition to the great flavour it gives pork, it also helps to tenderize it during cooking. The best way to add garlic to your pork dishes is to crush it, this way you get all the juices from it. If you are going to do a roast, you can use a knife to punch different parts of the meat, crush your garlic, and put it in each of the parts that are punched to get the flavour well penetrated.


Coriander is very popularly used in pork chops, Orange pork and sweet and sour pork. It is a native of the southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. Both the leaves and the dried seeds are edible and has different tastes. The leaves are used in many South Asian foods such as chutneys and salads. The seeds are also used in soups and stews.

We also have the Thyme which is a delicate looking plant with a penetrating flavour that can be used on any pork dish. Both dried and fresh varieties can be used and is available all year round. It is a member of the mint family and also has medicinal properties which include antibacterial, antiseptic and much more. Ancient Egyptians use thyme for embalming and ancient Greeks use it in their baths and burn it as incense in their temples believing it gives them courage. Not only can it be used on meats, but also on vegetable dishes, fish, soups and teas.

thyme in bundle

I hope this spices for pork page will be beneficial to you when thinking about preparing your favourite pork dish. Enjoy.

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